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The Corona Virus Vs. The American Dream

It has been one hell of a week. If you have been following the financial narratives, you would have seen the headline Corona Virus. Wuhan has become one of the most well known cities in China, thanks to CNN, Reuters and about every human with a microphone and a pen (not excluding myself here). Wuhan is not famous because of its wild life or beautiful sights, rather it has become infamous for its ground-zero status as the origin of the deadly Corona Virus or SARS hybrid.

In the interest of keeping with the idea of causality, it makes sense to argue that the Chinese eat Bats and bats are the vector of this vicious disease, that is now taking over the world....Oh! I just heard myself, so let's take a step back. Early reports indicated that the virus's last known origin was a snake and it is possible that it was somehow transmitted in Wuhan market; then pictures started to circulate via social media, first featured on RT (Original story); a bat in a bowl of soup as the possible cause, there it is, causality. We are talking about a Chinese virus so why not just link it to an RT image of a bat in a bowl, eventually the grotesque image causes your brain to make an association, leading to the obvious conclusion, bats caused the Corona virus. Holy fuck! Yes! There it is, event occurs, we must explain the cause.

It wasn't long before this story surfaced from ZeroHedge (Original story). So the Corona Virus was a weaponized Sars that China stole from Canada and took it to the Wuhan bio-hazard lab in Wuhan and the virus escaped some how into the Wuhan market. Well? Don't say it....It's a conspiracy theory and clearly another attempt to explain an event that has occurred. Multiple stories start to run on the subject from the same media outlet, at this stage I have lost interest. The fact is there is a deadly virus out there that the authorities and the responsible media are desperately trying to spin a narrative that will ultimately ensure those pursuing the American dream, can continue to do so in good conscience knowing the US and family are a million miles away from this travesty. As one trader on twitter eloquently put it..."We don't eat bats here".

On the note of the American dream. You are about to hear me say the S&P500 collapse and you will hear yourself say Corona Virus and you will hear me say...Don't worry the American dream is alive and well and your precious stocks will be back up again where they belong. Do you know why? Well, it's because the FED will continue to ease and bolster those stocks to ensure that nothing not even the Corona Virus will stop you and me from pursuing the American dream. So it's the Corona Virus vs. the American dream and we all know who will win that battle. The good news is that the Bat eating narrative camp believe they are totally safe and the bio-lab camp are sure that there is a vaccine lying somewhere (remember Ebola?), so this, no doubt won't last long. So, like I said the American dream wins hands down. Yay! Stocks!...

#CoronaVirus #SP500 #China #USA

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