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COVID-19, Crime Of The Century

Desperate times call for desperate measures... Yes, I am talking about now. Whether you want to bury your head in the sand or you want to lie down and die, the simple fact remains COVID-19 is in a community near you. It's not the fact that COVID-19 is just the 'common flu', like they want us to believe; it is more about the fact that it will kill 2% of all people infected and that's not even the bad news. What's the bad news? I here you ask...

The bad news is, we have no idea how many people are infected, don't tell me you believe the 90k global infection figure... If you think I am joking take a look at this, it is the WHO influenza fact sheet

So now you see it, yes... The only way they know the infected, is by the number of people that die and only the most serious cases are recorded as infected. In 1918 Spanish flu killed 17m people, I bet people thought it was just 'common flu' until 17m of them got buried. Okay... I am being dramatic I hear you say. I was being dramatic at 0 cases in the UK now we have 163 cases and that's 163 serious cases; so how many carriers are there? I rest my case.

What makes me angry is the fact that they have refused to call this a global pandemic and shut down the whole system, inform people what they are up against and focus on identifying the sick. Instead we are seeing the walking dead cabal of celebrities, government officials and journalists all lining up to say, it's all okay, just wash your hands and don't touch your face.

So why are these god fearing politicians and money grabbing celebrities all singing from the same hymn sheet? Well, let me tell you why... It's called the NASDAQ. Today Apple is $1.16 trillion in market cap, Microsoft is $1.1 trillion and the total S&P500 market cap is about $28 trillion, you can do the maths. So at the centre of this story is China and at the centre of China we now have COVID-19 and what do viruses do best? Yes, they spread and they spread through supply chains and our devices and that's the risk no one wants to talk about. So like the Spanish flu, they will let 17m people die as long as these companies control more than 10% of the entire S&P500 (see data) because that's pensions, that's votes, that's jobs, that's sponsorship deals and most importantly it's taxes and it's the stuff they know you'll die for anyway and that's what makes me mad.

It's the fact that 90% of the population receives little or no benefit from jobs, taxes, pensions or politicians but that does not matter because you can still die for them. So what should we do? Well, I know what I am doing and have been doing and that selling the fuck out of everything because that's how we benefit. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, this is the crime of the century and they will get away with it.

#CoronaVirus #SP500 #WHO #Covid19 #World

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