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Go Boomer, Go!

"Swords are no more use here... RUN!" - Gandalf vs The Balrog (Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring).

Swords are no use

The above quote was my feeling when the number of SARS Cov-2 aka Covid-19 cases reached 700 in the UK...Yes, I am still talking about Corona but I'll rather call it by its true name SARS because that's exactly what it is. Anyway, this is not a piece about SARS Cov-2, it is a piece about an entire generation that has held the world to ransom for over 50 years; from the hippy and stop the war years of the 60's to the finacialisation years of the millennium. I know you know what I am talking about.

As a child of the lost generation (Generation X); survivors of the most aborted fetuses of 4 generations, victims of the 'sex without consequence' boomer years before HIV and inheritors of the broken family legacy; the advent of single parent hood, not to mention the most educated generation, yet the most unemployed; reprimanded to stock market gambling, entrepreneurship and a gig like economy. Yes, that's every child born from 1960 to 1981. I know exactly what it means to survive because not even my inheritance was free from the grubby hands of the baby boomers. So I get extremely mad when another boomer pops up and says, what's all the fuss about? It's just a flu and I am going on holiday.

It's this "we are boomers, we don't die" attitude that has led to the mess we are in today. Yes, I mean climate change, modern monetary theory, over-valued stock markets and yes, SARS Cov-2. I get furious when these boomers... yes, dare I say it, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Mario Draghi, Angela Merkel and co, all acting like they are real survivors, yet the boomers are the wealthiest generation, not through hard work and prudence but through inheritance from the hard working GI and Silent generations, that laid down the healthy institutional frameworks and passed on unprecedented wealth from the highs after World War 2. These spoiled boomers not only drained their children (Me) off their future but presided over the greatest wealth transfer in history.

What really makes me angry is, they are now trying to strip my children off their future; that's why I can't help but love Greta Thunberg. Guess what? The boomers were never going to listen to me, the Lost, lazy generation, that wants to live off the internet. Get a real job! Ask Jack Ma if you don't believe me. They will however listen to the millennials. Yes, the new Heroes of our time. That's Greta, That's Finland's prime minister, that's the tip off the iceberg that will sink the great boomer Titanic and yes, they are scared.

So why am I hating on boomers? Why am I telling you this? Well, in 2006 they said it will be okay when they set the debt markets on fire but it wasn't because in 2008, it was you who carried the bag. In 2010 they said it would be okay when they embarked on debt spending but it wasn't because in 2010 southern Europe had mega unemployment. In 2020 they are telling us it's okay, despite getting advanced warning of the threat that was SARS-Cov 2, now they say it will be okay, only 60% of us need to get ill first; so yes, I am telling you it won't be okay but you won't believe me, I am just the lost generation that is use to asking daddy what to do even though I am the survivor.

So, here's what I am going to do... Last week I burned the house down on the Indices because I know that no matter what they say, it can't be true because I am a survivor and I told you to do the same. This week, this month, this year I'll be waiting for when we realise that there is no help coming and then I will scorch the earth because... I am a survivor. It's time to say Go, boomer Go! It's time to wipe the value of those fat pensions, it's time to end the credit bubble, the share buy back ponzi schemes that have transferred wealth directly from future generations into the hands of boomers... I say Go boomer, Go!

#Covid19 #Boomers #Europe #World #Financialisation #CoronaVirus

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