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The War On Drugs

"Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal." - Nixon

As we take a loop back into the land of SARS Cov-2, I can't help but wonder about today's politicians, is it a problem of age in leadership? Well, maybe Go, Boomer Go! does a better job at bringing this to the forefront...Or maybe it's simply, they just don't give a fuck. Either way, I will not be wasting my energy on the sliminess of today's approved political actors, instead I want to bring your attention to some very special candidates...yes, big pharma.

So why am I talking about politicians and big pharma in the same statement? Well, the answer is embedded in a particular hybrid politician/executive and you guessed it.... Donald Trump. I am not just talking about some random tweet or some outrageous comment surrounding the "America great again brand", like America was not already great; rather it is something more sinister that involves a company called Sanofi. If you have never heard the name, now's your chance. Pay attention!

If you have ever travelled to a Malaria affected region or seen a Donald Trump tweet, you would know that Malarone, Chloroquine shots and various other ant-malarial drugs all work very well when treating Malaria; you would also know that, this president never tweets anything that does not benefit him directly, that goes for the Boeing tweets, the Mexican wall tweets, S&P500 tweets and now the coronavirus tweets. So it got me thinking...What's the game plan here? Then this surfaced. Yes people, it is not a joke.

So far there is no evidence that malaria drugs are helping people recover from SARS Cov-2, in fact most doctors say that it may be a preventive measure but certainly not as a treatment recommendation; a brilliant piece from the Economist also broke down a number of drugs, some awaken interferons and others inhibit the virus. So why are we talking so much about a patented drug, that has its properties also present in the Quinine bark...? Why are we talking about a drug that is clearly available in other, various brand names with other drug makers globally? Why are we talking about Hydroxychloroquine? Well, quite simply, the answer is...SANOFI.

Yes, a 27% rally. If you had 100,000 shares invested at 72 Euros a share, in 22 days you cashed out for a cool 1m Euros.

So if you connect the dots from the links in the articles above, you start to see 'the war on drugs' is coming and it is in a theatre near you. So, you can choose to take the blue pill and believe what you want to believe or you can follow the white rabbit. I know what I am going to do... Yes, that's right folks, when you see that next tweet, think... I could be missing out on the greatest insider trade because we are now in the age of the CEO heads of state and when the president does it...It's not illegal; So fuck Gilead Sciences, fuck the quinine bark, let's make Sanofi and Hydroxychloroquine great again.

#Hydroxychloroquine #Trump #Pharma #Sanofi #Gilead #SARSCov2 #Covid19

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