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"Friend Powell"

"Thank you for your hospitality, friend Powell" - Decepticon (BumbleBee, 2018)

You don't have to be a political genius to see something is incredibly wrong with the China vs rest of the world relationship. I am definitely not some political genius but I know a shit sandwich when I see one. China is accounting for 20% of global GDP growth, it is also the largest lender to the world at large and the largest holder of Gold globally... That's if you don't believe the official figures on this stuff. The question is.... How did China get here?

You would like to believe that China is this amazing economic tactician, that leveraged the unity (so well portrayed by CCP media) to create this self sustaining manufacturing hub but I know better to think that and if you still believe this... then read Grave Digger just maybe, I end up changing your mind. China achieved this because of greed and the consumerism culture that spread globally from the United States. It is no surprise the US is the largest consumer of Chinese fake goods. China achieved this because governments in Europe adopted a very federal approach to funding, so the likes of Liverpool council had to seek funding from China Read FT Article; the European union abandoned the fate of Italy to the 'One belt and road initiative'...I guess it's Marco Polo and Kublai all over gain. Don't believe me? CNBC Article. China achieved this by writing bad loans to African and Asian nations, to seize their assets and resources to box in US interests and supply chains, time to read Debt trap diplomacy, Chinese Infrastructure loans.

So yes, this isn't Chinese brilliance, the truth? You say... We all let it happen. We became "Friend Powell". Yes, they came and they called us "Friend" and they thanked us for our hospitality. Yes, they thanked us with SARS Cov-2 propaganda, they thanked us with discriminating against African foreign nationals in China, they thanked us with fake goods and PPE and yes, they will continue to thank us for our hospitality. Why is this happening? We have chosen to believe that communism is good and that every Chinese person is a communist and China is united under the communist ideal. Well, let me break it to you, communism is not good, just ask 3 million Uighur's, every Chinese is not communist and China is definitely not united under Communism... Just ask the disappearing people.

As depressing as this piece is, our very survival as a democracy and the world depends on what we choose to believe next. As one commentator put it "No country has attack every other country, till now".

#China #USA #Financialisation #Consumerism

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