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The Age of Men is over. The Time of the Orc has come. - Gothmog, Orc General

It's been rather perplexing watching global stock markets plummet this week. If you are like me, then arguably you don't mind a little chaos, it's good for the bank account. That said, I keep asking myself, how did we get here? Beyond the point of chaos and descending into anarchy. Where did we find the strength to hate? I have no clue and staying silent isn't an option, unless you are the new self styled 'silent voting right' like the Hitler crew of the 1930's, I bet they thought they were the 'silent voting right' and look how that turned out...Just saying. Anyway, I am about to throw some well thought out anecdotes.

The debt anecdote - I always imagine the average consumer with 10 credit cards, a mortgage, a leased or HP car, student loan and that all favourite home improvement unsecured loan, as normal as this is, it is also pretty fucked up because our entire $48,000 purchasing power parity is based on modern lie. So we will go to war, we will enslave millions, if it means we can maintain the lie. What does this mean? It means like every lie , it will get exposed. So we have SARS cov-2, it has pulled back the very fabric of society to reveal the rot underneath that has been eating the core of what it means to be human. So what the fuck are you going to do about it? Vote in another right wing arse hole with a billion dollar account and ivy league education...hell yeah! Why not? You are screwed anyway, so who needs a brain?

The racism anecdote - I have always loved the notion that racism does not really exist. Minorities just love complaining, right? People of African descent just love crime, it's in the genes, right? Asian's eat bats, snakes and all things unholy, right? My personal favourite, people of European descent civilised the world, from democracy to McDonald's, to the automobile, right? So when you put it like this, we don't have racism, we have races that just don't live up to European standards that we believe in, the christian kind...If you know what I mean? Well, that's just BULLSHIT! There it is... Racism fucking exists, George Floyd knows about it because he died under the knee of a white police officer, read sons of liberty. Racism fucking exists because 70% of people of African descent are confined to the lower rungs of the healthcare industry, yes, the nurses, care workers and cleaners. I have seen and spoken to many of these people, they have degrees, they are accountants and lawyers, only not today. Racism fucking exists because 90% of the Moody's A star countries are located in Europe and North America, 4 out 5 of the permanent security council members in the UN are European and North American, so yes racism fucking exists.

The stock market anecdote - Presidencies in the US are made and broken with stock market growth. Why is that? It's called financialisation. Yes, 65% of Americans have stock investments, the remainder have consumer debt on the balance sheets of banks in the S&P 500, FTSE and all the other God forsaken indices. So if that stock market drops, we are all fucked... Well, some of us anyway. So it helps if you take to twitter to pump it up from time to time or pretend Sars Cov-2 isn't a threat, as long as we "get Britain moving again" or better yet let's just let the healthcare workers deal with it because most of then are so called minorities, after all racism does not exist, right? So there it is,

we can all go to hell, we are not the part of the 'silent voting right'. Yay! Stocks!

The pandemic anecdote - SARS Cov-2 is the greatest threat to humanity, yet scientists and medical professionals cannot seem to even agree on the origin of the most deadly virus since the Spanish Flu pandemic. Why is that? Well, we have known for a long time that the medical profession has been closely linked to Universities, that are closely linked with foreign student Dollars, that are closely linked with Chinese foreign students, that are closely linked to the communist party, that isn't afraid to show its gratitude to these institutions in the form of US Dollar notions, thanks to the FED printing press. So yes, the WHO is the China communist party mouth piece, yes, US and European educational institutions are depositories for communist party funds. The scientific community is paralysed by Chinese communist party money. So do we really think that the US president's Hydroxychloroquine drug is a solution? Do we really believe that SARS Cov-2 is a hoax concocted by the far left Jewish elite? Last I checked Israel was still in the Middle East. Whatever you believe, we are on the road to herd immunity, the boat is firmly out of port. So, yes, as we push on November, one side will sell, the pandemic hoax and open the economy narratives, now they have law and order to add to the list and the other side will sell, the pandemic will affect the poorest (minorities) in society, equality (read Time Machine) and racism. So there it is, it's not really about saving everyone, it's about winning at any cost.

So why am I telling you this? The age of real men is over. The real men like FDR, Andrew Carnegie, Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela and every other fucking hero that cared about something other than just winning at any cost. So in the words of Gothmog, "The time of the Orc has come". He was fucking wrong though.

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