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Behind Enemy Lines

“Zero-six, you've been shot down, life is tough. You're a combat aviator, start acting like one." - Reigart

I sat in silence over the past few weeks in support of Floyd and all those who lost their lives senselessly at the hands of the 'protect and serve' crowd. I now feel it is time to pick the pen back up and the trader in me and start doing what I do best...That's right, question the narratives.

That brings me to the one of the trending topics this week...Yes, you guessed it, Huawei! Let's face reality folks, would this even be a conversation if not for Sars Cov-2? The answer is no. There it is...And that's what really gets to me. If you have read Friend Powell, you know that I am no friend of communism; that stuff is just toxic but when we see something that looks terribly wrong, we have to call it out. Yes, I am talking about Boris 'BoJo' Johnson sending a carrier to the South China Sea, when we barely have enough funds to buy PPE equipment for the health service or do we?

Yes, I am talking about Bojo banning Huawei on the say so of the world's number one autocrat. So, tell me something does not stink? Or is Rome now just the mob?

Okay, I hear you...We are in a cold war with China we say, Donald Trump is always right we say. I say it's about the technological race. China has won the renewable race, they won the manufacturing race and unless you are blind, they have clearly won the trade war and yes, they are on track to winning the currency war. So the US is simply saying to China, you cannot win the technological race because that is a matter of national security. So there it is, China is officially behind enemy lines and Huawei will be a casualty. Is this right? Fuck no! Is it happening? It sure is and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

Huawei will lose billions, you just need to take a look around London to see all those 5G masts everywhere. Let's be real people...China has a head start in internet connectivity; the US and Europe have been caught taking a nap with a joint in their hand. 5G is here and the responsibility lies with the Western powers to catch up. China should not be in the gun sights for winning a race that everyone had opportunity to win. Yes, the US national security argument is persuasive but you mean to tell me, the largest economy in the world that spends trillions in defence cannot secure their defence network because the hardware was built by a Chinese firm? I fucking doubt it. So in the words of good old Reigart, "you've been shot down, life is tough". On that note, I will end this conversation but remember this, China will win technological race and that will be far worse for national security than a couple Huawei masts.

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