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Merry Pandemic Christmas!

Merry Christmas you filthy animal - Kevin McAllister

I am suppose to say Merry Christmas to all but this year as I step out the door and look down the tier 4 lockdown streets of London, I see nothing, yes people! Deserted streets, a few shops open, the majority closed. So Christmas does not feel Merry at all. At this point I keep asking myself, how did this happen?

Wait a minute... I know how the F this happened. If you read Crime of the century then you too, know how we got here. The thing is, It's not that SARS Cov-2 isn't as dangerous as Ebola, it's not that the former US president pumped up the notion that Hydroxychloroquine was the miracle drug because he had shares in Sanofi (read The War On Drugs), it's not that a lot of us chose to believe social media Russian bots over what was staring us in the face... It's the fact that they knew in February that SARS Cov-2 had a ten percent death rate, it's the fact they knew that 10 percent of 65m people (UK approximate population) is 6.5m potential deaths, it's the fact that they knew that the virus is likely to keep mutating, it's the fact that they knew that lockdown's will be the normal thing because the national health service cannot cope with an influx of Covid-19 cases and it's because the knew that SARS Cov-2 has the ability to achieve a 100% infection rate and Yes, they knew all of this and they still promised us Christmas, they still promised a no deal Brexit and they are still promising a tidy end to this disaster by simply vaccinating the old and healthcare workers, they still promised us that we only need to wash our hands and eat out to help out and it will all be okay.

So there it is, we are in this sh@t show because we believe in social media, right wing politics and fairies. I tell you friends, that they will delay a vaccine roll out, they will blame it on demand and logistics. Anti vaccination groups will say, no vaccine for us and yes, we will all eventually get the vaccine but not before every single big Pharma has their version of the cure and then and only then, will we be able to live. Till then have a Merry Pandemic Christmas!

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