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Zoey Sandin: Nothing will ever be okay again.

There is an old story from ancient Babylon, that tells of the code of Hammurabi, the oldest legal document, a code of laws governing society, the basis of the modern constitution of the United States Of America. Yes, this post is not about Economics today, today I am not a trader, today I am a concerned citizen of all the world, today I am fucking livid.

The code Hammurabi, understood that all men are not equal...Yes, I can hear you squeal, I say again all men are not equal. The concept of human equality was an idea, one that was doomed to fail not only because, the idea of human equality was fostered primarily in Christianity, at a time most of the known world cared not or had no idea what that was all about but because like many things it was an Anglo Saxon making to trick the peasant class into the feeling they can be anything other than a peasant. Well, it worked because on the 4th of July 1776, the United States constitution printed these famous words...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

This was an idea that was an imagined reality, it had no basis in the reality of human experience. Don't get me wrong, I get the reason for the lie, after all the United States was a nation formed by Europe's undesirables. No one wanted to go back to being peasant in this new continent. So there it is, the lie was made anew by those who could not escape the memory of the past.

The reality was very different, slavery came to the Americas, the native Americans exterminated, arguments arose as to whether those known to be African American were indeed human and would these rights even apply to them, if not, then what? Darwinism sprung to make the very argument that men evolved and are therefore not equal by the definition of evolution. At the root, the Anglo Saxon message was simple, all Saxons are created equal for the privilege of accessing and deploying capital because it simply boiled down to one thing all men are not created equal when it comes to money and property. Why I am telling you this? Well, I saw an African American male get strangled to death and I had to let my kids see this shit on social media and national television and have them ask me, WHY? It doesn't matter your race, your political leaning , your religion you can see that there is something wrong with our notion of equality and that it is an imagined reality, designed to do one thing, keep society together but not the kind of society we all have in mind. It's not because George Floyd was arrested, it's not because the officer was white, it's not because George Floyd is African American; you know, that I know all men are not equal, biologically, financially or in any other way. It's because someone who swore to protect and serve took a life that didn't need to be taken and under the Hammurabi code, this man would have been faced with a different kind of justice. Anyway, this is not the 2nd millennium BC. This is America in the 21st century.

So like Zoey Sandin said in the Purge, nothing will ever be okay again because some of us are hell bent on revealing what the obvious truth is and has been obvious to those that underwent slavery, those that died in the holocaust and the many that continue to die in the middle east and of course Hammurabi... Equality is myth, like many myths before it, everyone pretends to believe because it keeps society together, this keeps everyone making money with full bellies. Take away the myth, what need do we have for society? It won't be long before no money will be made and bellies will be empty.

So yes, I am angry, yes, I am livid my kids have to see this but...This is America in the 21st century trying to sustain a myth of equality in an ever growing Darwinian society. I do hope future generations decide to say fuck this, we don't need to be equal to respect life, we don't need to be equal to love one another. We just need to be fucking human and get on with it.

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