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The FED's War

What is a soldier without war? - General Friedrichs (All Quiet On The Western Front, 2022)

Here we stand in 2022 having a healthy debate about inflation, interest rates and stock market growth with the single common denominator being the 2020 pandemic spending. If you read Covid 19, Crime Of The Century then you know that I was a clear advocate for measures to curb virus spread and protect the most vulnerable even if that meant implementing some degree of public scrutiny. Okay! I am not a blue blood conservative, that's pretty obvious but I am also not a narcissistic liberal Generation Y or Gen Z looking for every excuse to wage war on humanity. So I intend to be objective about how the US government via its proxy world governments chose to handle the situation that has eventually led to this moment where we stand on the precipice, at the end of all things.

In June 2020 the world went full tilt on money printing and declared war on SARS Cov2 otherwise styled Covid 19. Like any war, there needs to be soldiers and those soldiers happened to be corporate America. Yes, I mean Elon 'Tesla' Musk, Tim 'Apple' Cook and Jamie 'JPM' Diamond and every other goddamn CEO who was willing to pick up a rifle, it didn't even matter what side they where on because this time they were waging war against everyone else not Covid 19. Yes folks, the FED provided the liquidity for Elon to get out of his Tesla trade. See for yourself, click here. It wasn't just Elon, check out Zoom. Click here. Are we going sit here and pretend that all that money printed was to save humanity from SARS Cov2? Do we really believe that corporate America lost any money from the closure of the economy? If that's what you believe then then oh boy! I rest my case. So who was the real casualty in the latest war on terror? Well, it was the average investor who ploughed their 401k into Zoom, the average Joe who put their stimulus checks into Robinhood. Yes, this was a war against you. The FED provided the Gun powder and corporate America did the rest. This is what your 401k looks like right now... 86% under water.

So why are we having that healthy debate about inflation, interest rates and stock market growth? The answer is quite simple. The FED wants to ensure that we are dead on the battlefield, no surprise Kamikaze attacks or the likes, so it's fix bayonets and go to work, settle for nothing less than total capitulation. So the stragglers and the play dead's are being hit by interest rate hikes, tax rises and welfare cuts. It won't be long be for it is all over. So what's the move I hear you say? Don't fall for it this time. Keep your beady eye on the names that didn't go to war with the rest of them. I know that's where my money will be. Do not be poor old Paul Baumer staring up at General Friedrichs sending him to war as if he were the real soldier; as if there was an actual enemy to fight. All said and done the real soldier was General Friedrichs, Elon Musk and Tim Cook and the enemy was always Paul Baumer, me, you and everyone else. What is a soldier without war?

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